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Thunder Laser відео

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▷ Параметри зразків лазера

  • Air-pressure control sensor

    Время выпуска:2019/09/18Время просмотра:426

    CO2 laser cutting engraving machine processes material by heating the material with fast speed. It may cause the material burning when cutting some inflammable material like wood, leather and plast...

  • Drive belts

    Время выпуска:2016/12/02Время просмотра:704

    Drive belts is an important part of getting the X,Y,Z axis moving, Low quality belts would age fast after high speed moving, this will result a bad impact on the cutting engraving effect. Thunder L...

  • Comparison of different laser heads

    Время выпуска:2016/07/29Время просмотра:1005

    After passing through the focus lens, the laser beam is not vertical but in a cone shape. Different laser heads have different focal distances which produce different verticality of laser beam and ...

  • High pressure and low noise air compressor

    Время выпуска:2016/06/28Время просмотра:1208

    The high pressure and low noise air compressor offered by Thunder Laser co2 laser engraving machine includes two parts: the high pressure and low noise air compressor and the water separator. High ...

  • 4” laser head

    Время выпуска:2016/06/14Время просмотра:1435

    4” laser head is the laser head of the laser cutting machine that installed a 4” focus lens. The standard laser head is mainly used to cutting material less than 10mm. But if you want to cut thicke...

  • Aluminum blade cutting table

    Время выпуска:2016/06/12Время просмотра:1196

    When you need to cut thick materials like 20mm acrylic or wood on co2 laser engraving cutting machine, you should use high power rate and very slow cutting speed. If you work on normal table, the m...

  • Parameter library for cutting and engraving

    Время выпуска:2016/06/12Время просмотра:1280

    If you want to use the laser engraving machine to process different kinds of material, you need to frequently modify the parameter like speed and power, besides, you need to record these parameters...

  • Low-noise cooling fan

    Время выпуска:2016/06/12Время просмотра:1074

    When the laser machine running, the motor and other electronic components will produce heat, thus we need cooling fan to lower the temperature, in order to avoid the parts be damaged due to the hig...