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Thunder Laser відео

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Laser systems for marking, engraving and cutting in the sports industry

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Laser technology from thunderlaser – always one step ahead

  • Laser engraving, laser marking and laser cutting all in one step
  • No tool wear – no loss of quality
  • No material fixation required due to contact-free and force-free processing
  • Smooth, clean cutting edges; no reworking necessary
  • No fraying of the fabric: lint-free & clean
  • In the case of synthetic fibres: formation of a fused seam
  • Simple production via a PC design program
  • Significant potential for cost saving for high quality raw materials thanks to the nesting function
  • Extremely high accuracy of fit by full cutting gap compensation

With us, you will also be a winner

Individual, unique, special – simply different. Sport is becoming increasingly popular, and outfits become more and more attractive. With laser systems from thunderlaser, you can set the most diverse cuts, engravings or markings. Always stay one step ahead of the trend. And call benefits like sealed cut selvedges, fast engravings and precision your own.